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(from the University of Minnesota)

Tailgating Information
The University of Minnesota permits tailgating on football game days in designated surface parking lots, during specified hours and under other general conditions. Tailgating may begin 6 hours before game time, but no earlier than 7 am. Tailgating must end 4 hours after game time or midnight, whichever comes first. All vehicles must leave the parking lots when they close at midnight. Green space within a parking lot or within 15 feet of a designated surface parking lot may be used for tailgating by the participants assigned to that parking lot. Tailgating is NOT permitted on any other University of Minnesota property, including parking ramps and garages. These policies are intended to enhance the football game day experience, promote a safe campus environment and preserve the beauty of our campus. Please park in designated lots provided for game day parking. Illegal parking will be strictly enforced, on and off campus, and will be subject to tagging and towing at owner’s expense.

Tailgating Rules:

  • The following items and activities are allowed in lots: Gas grills with a maximum propane cylinder size of 20 pounds
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons of legal drinking age, and in compliance with all applicable state laws, city ordinances and University policies
  • Portable outdoor furniture
  • Tents and awnings that do not block adjacent parking spaces, impede drive aisles or require the use of stakes
  • Portable generators

The following items and activities ARE NOT ALLOWED in lots:

  • Kegs, party balls, drinking game accessories and large quantity or common source containers of alcoholic beverages
  • Glass containers of any kind, including bottles and cups
  • Open fires fueled by charcoal, wood or other combustible materials of any kind
  • Disruptive music or noise
  • Couches or other large furniture items
  • Promotional or marketing activities without appropriate authorization from the University
  • Sale of products, food or beverages except as authorized by the University
  • Occupying more than one parking space
  • Saving a parking space for someone else

Tailgating Conduct

  • Tailgaters must: Respect other people and property
  • Properly dispose of trash
  • Cooperate with law enforcement authorities and University personnel
  • Comply with all applicable University, city, state and federal rules, policies, ordinances and laws Violation of any University of Minnesota Tailgating Rules could result in fines and loss of game tickets and tailgating Privileges.

Gopher Football Parking/Tailgating Information

  • Impark (rates vary by event) – No Tailgating
    • 715 Park Ave.
    • 609 12th Ave.
    • 233 Park Ave.
  • Standard Parking Lots (S10-12) – No Tailgating
    • 2 Surface Lots
      • Park & 2nd St. to Washington
    • Ramps
      • Gateway Ramp
        • 5th Ave.
      • Downtown East Ramp
        • 4th & 5th & Park
      • Centervillage Ramp
        • 7th St.
  • The Depot (S10-20 depending on opponent) – No Tailgating
    • 5th & Washington

Season Long Tailgating Passes through the Goal Line Club can also be obtained. For details on these requirements, please click the link below:

Click here for a PDF of Gopher Football Gameday Parking

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